Less than a month to the Mexican Baseball Season starts once again, this League is one of the most important leagues in Mexico, with a lot of baseball players who really have experience playing in tournaments, mlb, in the Caribbean and also in the Mexican Pacific League. The two times Winners Saraperos de Saltillo are ready to fight in order to keep the crown one more time.





v     Acereros de Monclova

v     Saraperos de Saltillo

v     Dorados de Chihuahua

v     Tecolotes de Nuevo Laredo

v     Sultanes de Monterrey

v     Vaqueros de Union Laguna

v     Broncos de Reynosa

v     Diablos Rojos del Mexico




v     Tigres de Quintana Roo

v     Leones de Yucatan

v     Piratas de Campeche

v     Petroleros de Minatitlan

v     Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz

v     Olmecas de Tabasco

v     Pericos de Puebla

v     Guerreros de Oaxaca.



Opening: March 18-19-20. 2011

The regular Season ends on July 28th 2011



All Star Game: May 27-28-29. 2011 at Saltillo city, Coahuila (it is the home of Saraperos de Saltillo, the Champions in 2010).



Qualifications for Play Offs: 4 teams by Zone, qualify for a percentage of games won in scale from 1 to 4. If there’s a tie between the teams, they are going to play on July 29 to get the qualification to play offs.



Play offs: July 30-31

1 vs.4

2 vs.3

August 1- Day off

August 2-3 and 4(if necessary)

August 5- Day off

August 6-7 (if necessary)


Championship Series by Zone:

August 9-10

August 11-Day Off

August 12-13 and 14(If necessary)

August 15- Day off

August 16-17 (If necessary)

August 18-19- Days Off




August 20-21

August 22- Day off

August 23-24 and 25(If necessary)

August 26-Day Off

August 27-28 (If necessary)

*The ALCS starts in the home of the All Star Game Winner.





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